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Detailed Information

Name: J. C. Davis
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Locomotive Number: B&O No. 600
Type of Locomotive: 2-6-0 Mogul
Class: K
Date Built: 1875
Manufactured by: B&O Railroad

Locomotive Weight: 45 tons
Driver Diameter: 60 inches (1875),  56 inches (present)
Cylinders: 19 x 26 inches
Tractive Effort: 8580 lbs.

Shortly after the Civil War, the United States experienced an industrial boom and the railroad industry established itself as the country's first big business. Unregulated business practices allowed investors and businessmen to acquire unheard of wealth. Paralleling the industry's success, locomotive technology continued to develop. In 1875, J.C. Davis, the Master of Machinery for the B&O, created the 2-6-0 freight locomotive. Due to the power and success of the railroad industry, these locomotives were known as "Moguls." Originally the 2-6-0s were designed for freight service; however Davis also decided to use the powerful and versatile locomotives for passenger service.

During the nation's centennial in Philadelphia, exhibits honored the nation's industrial progress. The B&O featured the No. 600 as a state of the art steam locomotive. There it won first prize for its attractive design and color scheme.

In 1884, during a renumbering system, the No. 600 was stripped of its original number and became the No. 918. In 1893, the No. 918 officially retired from service. During the Fair of the Iron Horse in 1927, the No. 918 was restored to its original number and given the name of its creator, J.C. Davis.

During the 2003 Roundhouse roof collapse at the B&O Railroad Museum, the No. 600 "J.C. Davis" was severely damaged. After extensive repair and restoration, the No. 600 returned to the roundhouse for display in the fall of 2015. The No. 600 was the final locomotive to be restored from the roof collapse disaster.





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