901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223

Rails & Sails Days

Friday, February 16 & Saturday February 17
10 am – 3 pm

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Rails & Sails Days give young adventurers the opportunity to engage in STEAM education activities centered around exploration and travel. Adventurers learn how the railroad provided people the opportunity to travel and explore America. Just like those early engineers and inventors, this program celebrates their exploratory spirit and encourages young minds to observe and engage with their environment.


 Follow the Treasure Map to fun activities:

  • • Ship & Sailboat Building
  • • Ocean in a Bottle
  • • Sand Buckets to Dig for Booty
  • • Cannons & Cannonballs
  • • Boat Bags

Please join us!


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General Museum admission: $20 for Adults, $17 for Seniors (60+), $12 for children (2-12)
This is an Education Adventure Event. 
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