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Detailed Information

Name: B&O No.X-215
Other Number: CSXT No.940505
Railroad of Record: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Type of Equipment: Crane, 250 ton diesel powered, brake type LN, L-3 triple
Builder No.: 12063
Manufactured by: Industrial-Brownhoist Corporation of Bay City, Michigan
Date Built: 1952

The B&O No.X-215 was manufactured by the Industrial-Brownhoist Corporation of Bay City, Michigan and was purchased by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1952. The No.X-215 was a 250 ton diesel-powered crane. In 1952, the No.X-215 was placed into service in Cumberland, Maryland and placed on a wreck train. Towards the end of its career, the No.X-215 was known as CSXT No.940505. The crane was moved to the B&O Railroad Museum in 1993 and in 1995, it was painted to resemble an earlier B&O paint scheme.


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