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Research and Access:

These employee records exist in microfilm form and represent some of the records of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad employees between 1905 and 1971. They do not contain all of the records of B&O employees. Many records prior to 1905 were destroyed in the Baltimore Fire of 1904 and records after 1971 are the property of CSX Transportation and are not available to the public. 

-Full name of your relative (if female, please include maiden and married names)

-Employee's date of birth

-Approximate years when they worked for the B&O

-Location of employment

-Type of work is helpful if known.


Fees include research for one individual. If material is found, you will receive a copy of the original work record and/or a detailed report of all findings. All fees for research must be paid in advance. You will receive an email confirming your request and with information on how to make payment.

Fees to conduct research per individual are
Non-member: $50.00; Member: $35.00

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