Home to more than 6,000 small objects, the collection covers almost every facet of railroading.

Railroading Objects and Artifacts Collection 

We are best known for having the most comprehensive collection of early American locomotives and rolling stock. The object collection also includes more than 6,000 historic railroading artifacts. The collection covers almost every facet of railroading, like clocks, pocket watches, textiles, lanterns, dining car china, silver, fine art, communication devices, Pullman porter objects, signals, uniforms, shop equipment, tools, and much more. While much of the collection is on display, still more is housed in storage. 

The B&O Railroad Museum is committed to making our collection accessible to researchers, scholars, and educational institutions, whenever possible. 

Research inquiries and loan requests can be made by completing our research request form.

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Did You Know?

The United States Railroad Administration built the government’s first locomotive, a Mikado, in just 20 days.

Janet F.
Morgantown, WV

As you moved through the roundhouse it felt like you were following a cohesive storyline through the early history of the railroad.

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