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On the property of the B&O, alongside the first mile of commercial railroad track ever laid in the country, is the First Mile Stable, a state-of-the-art equestrian facility built by the B&O and the new home of the Baltimore City Mounted Police. It provides numerous benefits for the human and equine officers of the unit, as well as the immediate community and the Baltimore region as a whole. An on-site train stop allows visitors both from around the world and just around the corner to visit the stable and enjoy all that it has to offer. 

Honoring the History & Advancing the Mission of the B&O 

The prototypical “Tom Thumb” locomotive raced into legend alongside a horse, and in the early days of the railroad, stables were a necessary fixture on the B&O property as horses were required to provide transit downtown, where the use of locomotives was banned by city ordinance until shortly after WWI. The First Mile Stable project is a return to the proud B&O tradition of having stables on its grounds, and a tribute to the equine history woven into the fabric of the B&O’s legacy. 

The Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit 

Formed in 1888, the Baltimore Mounted Police Unit is the oldest continuously operated mounted unit in the country. Each of the horses that now comprise the unit are Draft or Draft Cross – known for being large and physically strong but gentle in nature. While their main responsibilities once included strict enforcement of the 6-mph speed limit for horse-drawn carriages, the Mounted Unit is now deployed throughout the city to provide officers with a vantage point they could not otherwise achieve from patrol cars. Moreover, the Mounted Unit is on the front-lines of positive community engagement. 

Community Benefits: Safety and Economic Development 

The First Mile Stable project will provide additional resources to the New Southwest/Mount Clare community of Baltimore, wherein 36% of families live in poverty, and community economic development is desperately needed. While the First Mile Stable Project will aid its immediate area directly, it will also benefit the greater Baltimore community overall by improving an unfortunate negative perception of the City. Just as the B&O laid the first mile of commercial railroad in the United States, making Baltimore the central stage for the nation’s economic development, the First Mile Stable project can help restore West Baltimore and jumpstart the economic growth that will make the city of Baltimore stronger as a whole. 

Community Benefits: Education 

The First Mile Stable acts as common ground – both literally and figuratively. An educational center is located in the Stable, promoting community-police bonding and introducing young minds to new careers. The Museum offers curriculum that will engage young people on topics such as equine studies, law enforcement, animal husbandry, and transportation – expanding their own horizons and in the process, fostering relationships that will uplift the entire Baltimore community. 

Benefits for the Horses 

For the past 40 years, the horses of the Baltimore City Mounted Police Unit have resided under the Jones Falls Expressway – with no immediate access to a paddock in which to openly graze and wander on green grass beneath sunlight and blue skies. While the horses are well cared-for currently, their new accommodations include a state-of-the-art equestrian facility featuring twelve stalls and providing ample room for growth. The First Mile Stable is the home these hard-working horses deserve. 

Make a Community Impact and become a Sponsor! 

To support the First Mile Stable, please contact JoAnne Woolley at

Naming Opportunities 

Stable Building $750,000 
Paddock $200,000 
Stall (6)$50,000 ea.
Demo/Exercise Area $50,000
Grooming Area (2)$50,000 
Wash Stall$35,000
Tack Room $25,000 
West Barn Doors$15,000

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

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