We understand that student learning comes in many different settings from the classroom to home. In order to accommodate students of all learning backgrounds, we welcome homeschool groups to visit the museum and register for a curated field trip program.

As a State Aided Educational Institution, we offer free or reduced pricing for Maryland Homeschool Groups and host special homeschooler days at the museum. 

Download our Student Group Guide for more information.

Field Trip Program Pre-K K1st2nd3rd4th5thMiddle SchoolHigh School
African American Railroading Legacy XXX
The Civil War XX
Commerce on the Railroad XXXXXX
Environmental Impact XXXXX
Global Conflict and the Railroad XX
Maryland History on the B&O Railroad XXXXX
Railroad Safety XXXX
Railroad Technology XXXX
Build Your Own Field Trip XXXXXXXXX
All our educational program offerings are aligned with Maryland Education Standards. For complete details about our field trip offerings including MSDE curriculum standards, free and reduced-cost admissions, and frequently asked questions, please download our Student Group Guide

Homeschool Days 

Next Homeschool Day: November 2, 2023 — Register Today!

For small homeschool groups or individual homeschool families, we offer special Homeschool Days throughout the school year. Plan your own field trip by registering for our special tours and workshops during one of our Homeschool Days this year. 

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Anaheim, CA

The roundhouse was my favorite part, because it gives a true feel for what goes on in a roundhouse—the cars are stationary, but seeing the actual tracks is eye-opening.

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