Explore the B&O with your students from the classroom or right from home. 

In order to support teachers and students from all different learning environments and locations, the B&O Railroad Museum is offering many of our field trip programs as either on-site or virtual experiences. Our tours and Railroad Storytime program can be easily adapted for virtual learning while our workshops still require an in-person visit. 

For more information on our Field Trip Program, both virtually and in-person, download our Student Group Guide


As a State Aided Educational Institution, we offer free or reduced pricing for most Maryland schools. See below table for more information: 

School Group Type Virtual Program Cost 
• Maryland Title I 
• Headstart Center 
• Maryland Non-Title I Public 
• Maryland Homeschool Group 
Free while funding is still available. Once funding has been exhausted the price is $150/session 
All Other Schools $150/session 


From Slavery to Civil Rights: The African American Railroading Legacy
Grades: 5+ 

The Civil War: The War Came By Train  
Grades 5+ 

The B&O Goes Bananas: The Journey from Trees to Our Tables 
Grades PreK-2 

The B&O Goes Bananas: The Progression of Global Freight Transport 
Grades 6+ 

Fueling America’s Railroads: Climate Change and the Evolution of Fuel Types 
Grades 3+ 

Iron War Horses: The B&O’s Contribution During Global Conflict 
Grades 7+ 

Maryland on the Rails: The B&O’s Contribution to Maryland History 
Grades 3+ 

Railroad Signs and Signals: The Evolution of Visual Communication on the Railroad 
Grades PreK-2 

Technology Changes: Innovations in Locomotive Design 
Grades 3+ 


Includes a book read aloud and a short accompanying activity. Any necessary worksheets will be provided at the time of booking. For grades Pre-K+. To see the complete list of books available, download our Student Group Guide.

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Anaheim, CA

The roundhouse was my favorite part, because it gives a true feel for what goes on in a roundhouse—the cars are stationary, but seeing the actual tracks is eye-opening.

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