Sensory Awareness

The B&O Railroad Museum offers accommodations for guests with sensory needs. In order to be sensory-inclusive, many staff members have been trained in sensory awareness. The Museum offers free sensory kits stationed throughout the campus as well as Mobile Sensory Kits that can be checked out at the front desk and carried throughout your visit.  

A sensory-friendly map of the campus is available for download below. The map includes areas which may be overly stimulating to visitors as well as commonly used locations.  

On designated Sensory Sundays, the Museum alters the physical environment for visitors to reduce sound and lighting effects. Additional signage and quiet “break” rooms are also available on these days. Learn more about our Sensory Sundays program including schedule here.


Free parking is available in the front parking lot. Six parking spaces are designated for visitors with mobility needs. Visitor drop-off and pick-up is also permitted at the front entrance.  

Service Animals and Pets 

Service animals are welcome at the Musuem. Upon arrival, please notify the front desk if a service animal is accompanying you. Non-service animals are not permitted within the Museum. 


The Museum’s buildings and pathways are accessible and meet ADA guidelines. The passenger train ride can accommodate two wheelchairs per train ride. 

Medical and Emergency Assistance 

Members of Musuem’s staff are trained in basic first aid but are not medically trained. First aid kits are available throughout the Museum’s campus. Please see the nearest staff member for assistance.  

Members of Musuem staff are trained in emergency assistance and can help you in an evacuation or emergency. Please see the nearest staff member for assistance.  

There are five AEDs located throughout campus. All AEDs are registered in the Maryland Public Access AED Program.  

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We did the train ride and our guide on board was excellent (history/information for the parents).

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