The B&O Railroad Museum possesses the oldest and most comprehensive American railroad collections in the world. Dating from the beginning of American railroading, the collection contains locomotives and rolling stock, historic buildings, and small objects that document the impact of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) on the growth and development of early railroading and cover almost every aspect of an industry that left a permanent mark on the folklore and culture of America.

Locomotives & Rolling Stock

Representing the most comprehensive collection of historic early American locomotives and rolling stock through modern times in the world.

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Online Collections

Explore the B&O Railroad Museum’s online collection database.

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Historic Site

Universally recognized as the birthplace of American railroading.

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Railroading Objects & Artifacts

Home to more than 6,000 small objects, the collection covers almost every facet of railroading.

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Archives & Library

Hays T. Watkins Research Library, dedicated to the history and preservation of American railroading

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Did You Know?

The United States Military Railroad was the first US government agency to hire African Americans.


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