901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223
Historic site and buildings:

Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car Works (ca. 1869-1870)
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car Works (ca. 1869-1870)The B&O’s Passenger Car Works consists of two buildings commonly referred to as the North Passenger Carshop and the South Passenger Carshop. Built next to each other in the shape of a letter L, the structures housed facilities used to build, repair, and refurbish passenger cars. This included a woodshop; upholstery shop; glazing area; metal and tin work shops; paint shop; and special fire proof room used to store paint.
Portions of the buildings were used by the B&O, Chessie System, and CSX until the early 1990s. Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car Works (ca. 1869-1870)The Museum used the facilities for locomotive and rolling stock restoration projects prior to the completion of the restoration facility in 2005.
Today the North Carshop houses exhibits and some of the museum’s most significant steam and diesel engines. The South Carshop is not open to the public.

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