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Courtney B. Wilson, Executive Director, B&O Railroad MuseumDear Members & Friends,

Like the rest of the world we have carefully and diligently watched the events that have unfolded in Baltimore over the past week. Our heart goes out to the Gray family, the peaceful protestors and all of the citizens, businesses, non-profits and those who seek to restore peace in our City and begin to walk the road back to normalcy.

Following an enormously successful Day Out With Thomas event the weekend of April 24-26, we were able to negotiate the postposement of the second scheduled weekend to May 8-10, thanks to the cooperation and understanding of the good folks at Mattel. We now anticipate the return of thousands of happy voices all over the B&O Railroad Museum campus.

Let me reassure you that the safety, security and happiness of every visitor are our top priority. To that end, working with City and State leaders, every possible measure of security and protection has been put into place so that the upcoming event, and every day at the B&O is an enjoyable, entertaining and rewarding educational experience. We are enormously fortunate to have a fenced and gated campus, including free, secure parking, which has always and will continue to add a level of comfort found at few other historic sites and attractions in Baltimore.

We are more than happy to discuss any concern you might have in a one on one conversation. In the meantime, and barring any further difficulties in our beloved City, let me extend a hand of welcome and encourage you to return to our doors without fear but rather in anticipation of having a wonderful day.


Courtney B. Wilson
Executive Director

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