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Historic site and buildings:

The Birthplace of American Railroading
B&O Raiload MuseumThe site upon which the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum was established in 1953 is designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior. As a major Baltimore Attraction, this 40-acre historic site, its buildings, and structures hold a unique and significant place in American history.
Universally recognized as the birthplace of American railroading, the Museum’s site represents the vision, establishment, development, and creation of the first common carrier railroad in the Western Hemisphere. The first 1.5 miles of mainline railroad right of way carries visitors on seasonal train rides to the site where the First Stone of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road was laid on July 4, 1828 by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, last living signer of the Declaration of Independence.
B&O Railroad MuseumArchitecturally and historically significant railroad buildings and structures are preserved and interpreted as a part of the Museum's collection. These include: Mt. Clare Depot (1851); Roundhouse [Passenger Car Shop], (1884); Annex Building (1884), Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Car Works (1869-1870), Freight Car Repair Shop [ruins] 1919 and the historic 1.5 mile right of way.
At Mt. Clare the birth, growth, zenith and legacy of the American railroad can be experienced like nowhere else in the World. The Mt. Clare Shops, established here in March 1829, are the oldest continually operating railroad shops in the World. An extensive list of historical and technological firsts was accomplished here. From the perfection of the flanged wheel, and the building and operation of the first American built steam locomotive, to the construction of the World’s first air conditioned passenger car; Mt. Clare was a laboratory of American ingenuity.

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