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Come explore the birthplace of American railroading with a reduced admission rate for groups of 20 or more. Group rates are available with advance reservation and include access to all exhibits and daily presentations. We can also reserve space for lunch and provide buffet and boxed lunch recommendations. Please contact Kelly Loughran at KLoughran@borail.org or 443-627-2391 for additional information.
Group Rate Admission

Youth: $10, Adults: $14, Seniors: $12


Group Rate and Add-on Tours and Experiences
Group Tours (see descriptions below): 30 min. tours: $5/person | 60 min. tours: $8/person | 90 min. tours: $12/person
Mile One Express Train Ride: $2/person
Carousel Ride: $2/person
Happy Train Ride: $2/person
Unlimited Train, Carousel, and Happy Train Rides: $5/person

Questions? Contact Kelly Loughran: KLoughran@borail.org or 443-627-2391

Group Tour Offerings

Slavery to Civil Rights: The African American Railroading Legacy

30 mins. | $5/person

Discover the enduring and rich legacy of African American railroaders, from the dark days of slavery and the Civil War, through segregation, and into the emergence of an African-American middle class and the civil rights movement.

History of Railroad Signals: Communications and Safety on the Rails
30 mins. | $5/person

Explore the evolution of sign and signal designs and technology since the dawn of American railroading through the present day.

Traveling Through Time: The Evolution of Passenger Rail Travel
30 mins. | $5/person

This guided tour focuses on the evolution of passengers service from its bumpy infancy to the golden age of legendary passenger service, like that found on the B&O.   

Technology Changes: Innovations in Locomotive History
60 mins. | $8/person

This guided tour takes your group to the early days of “simple” steam locomotives through all the innovations that allowed trains and their cargo to go faster and more efficiently, and stop more safely. It includes the examination of the technology that improved the way trains were built and repaired and why the caboose disappeared.

Civil War: The War Came by Train

60 mins. | $8/person

Uncover the story behind the first time trains were used in warfare: the American Civil War. Learn just how critical a role they played in this defining moment in U.S. history.

Full Museum Tour: First, Last, Best, and Only of its Kind

90 mins. | $12/person

UThis guided comprehensive tour takes your group on a journey through the entire museum. As your group steps back in time, they will learn how the B&O Railroad Museum's collection is made up of some of the first, last, best, and only pieces of their kind in existence.

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