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Bring history to life and then bring it back to the classroom with the B&O Railroad Museum's exhibits, tours, and programs - all aligned to Maryland Educational Standards. The museum is a participant of the State Aided Education Institutions Program (SAI), which may provide funding assistance for eligible Maryland school groups. All Maryland Title 1 schools and Baltimore City Public Schools are eligible for free admission, one student tour or workshop, a reserved lunch dining space (as available), and a ride on the Mile One Express train during their visit. We offer reduced admission for school groups. 


Due to the unprecedented and evolving nature of the 2020-2021 school year during covid-19, all our student tours are being offered as both virtual and in-person experiences. We understand how unpredictable this year may be, so we will accept any transfers between physical and virtual experiences as your situation changes. Once you reserve a field trip, we will be more than happy to convert your reservation between in-person and virtual, as needed. For complete details and information, please check out our Student Group Guide.

Your reservation will include a pre-visit classroom activity as well as additional scheduling information and other resources to prepare you and your students for their field trip. Groups typically spend 2-4 hours at the museum, depending on selected experiences and your programming needs.


All our educational program offerings are aligned with Maryland Education Standards. For complete details about our field trip and workshop offerings, including free and reduced-cost admissions, please review our Student Groups Guide below.


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Deposit and Payment: A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your group. Full payment is required ten days prior to your scheduled visit. Prices are subject to change without notice. Client assumes all responsibility and financial liabilities in the event of damages.

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Education: Edu@BORail.org

Booking: KLoughran@borail.org | 443-627-2391




Railroad Story Time
Description: Students listen to a railroad story read by the museum's education team and then do a short activity related to the book. We offer a variety of stories to meet your classroom and descriptions. 
Grade Levels: Pre-K to 3
Duration: 30 minutes

Railroad Signals Technology History Guided Tour
Description: Explore the evolution of sign and signal designs and technology from the dawn of American railroading through the present day. 
Grade Levels: Kindergarten to 6
Duration: 30 minutes 


STEM Workshop: PVC Freight Car
Description: Students will work in small groups to construct their own rolling freight cars to carry common railroad freight. They will also test their design to see how effectively it can maneuver our course while transporting important cargo.
Grade Levels: Kindergarten to 6
Duration: One hour


STEM Workshop: On Your Mark, Get Set, Lego

Description: Students work in small groups to design freight cars using an assortment of modified Legos. Each design will be put to the test on our very own derby track. Through this process, students will learn about gravity, forces of motion, and the scientific method. 
Grade Levels: Kindergarten to 6
Duration: One hour 


STEM and History Workshop - Bridge to Freedom: African American Civil War History
Description: Students will construct their own bridges as they learn about the role African-American bridge-builders played in securing the Union's victory in the Civil War. 
Grade Levels: 2 - 8
Duration: One hour
Cost: $7 per person


Civil War: The War Came by Train Guided Tour
Description: Uncover the story behind the first time trains were used in warfare - the American Civil War. 
Grade Levels: 2 - 12
Duration: 30 minutes 


From Slavery to Civil Rights Guided Tour
Description: Discover the rich and enduring legacy of African-American railroaders, from the dark days of slavery and the Civil War, through segregation, and into the Civil Rights movement. 
Grade Levels: 3 - 12
Duration: 30 minutes



Technology Changes Guided Tour
Description: Learn about the innovations that allowed trains and their cargo to travel faster and more efficiently throughout the history of American railroading. 
Grade Levels: 3 - 12
Duration: 30 minutes



History Workshop - Food on the Move
Description: Students explore the great lengths food travels, determining the distance from farm to table while utilizing map reading skills, then take an informative tour of historic and modern food freight cars.
Grade Levels: 3 - 7
Duration: About one hour



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Contact Information

Education: Edu@BORail.org 

Booking: KLoughran@BORail.org | 443-627-2391

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