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African american RAILROADING


in partnership with union baptist church


The African American Railroading Oral Archives, in partnership with the Archives Ministry at Union Baptist Church, began with collecting stories related to the experiences of African Americans around the railroad and the transportation industry in June of 2020. Originally aimed at people in the Baltimore area who have interacted with the B&O Railroad, participation in the project has been expanded to encompass  African Americans’ experiences with rail travel and the industry across the country. Anyone who has experiences traveling and/or working for the railroad, or family members of those involved in the railroad, are welcome to participate in this ongoing project. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all interviews are being recorded via Zoom. Below, learn how you can participate in the African American Railroading Oral Archives project.

Participate in African American Railroading Oral Archives
Sign-up to participate here,or email archivist Anna Kresmer at AKresmer@borail.org



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