Francis X. Smyth
Suzzanne W. Decker
Gregory A. Farno
Suhair Al Khatib
Alan L. McCrum
Jane M. Shaab


Cathrin Banks
Steven J. Banks
Andrew Davis
Ronald W. Drucker
Rian Hargrave
Eric T. Hendrickson
Gerard M. Hiller
Brian M. Jacoby
John C. Magness
Thomas Pilkerton
Gregory C. Pinkard
George S. Rich
James E. Ross
Craig D. Roswell
Adam F. Sandy
Peter J. Shudtz
Gerald E. Stone
Gaynelle Swann
Bryan Tucker
Peter J. Vasco
Marvin H. Weiner
Andrew C. Wilson

Chairmen Emeriti

Hays T. Watkins

President Emeriti

Gino J. Gemignani, Jr.

Director Emeriti

Francis A. Contino 

Executive Director

Kris A. Hoellen

Janet F.
Morgantown, WV

As you moved through the roundhouse it felt like you were following a cohesive storyline through the early history of the railroad.

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