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Collection Donation Offer Form
The B&O Railroad Museum welcomes the consideration of unconditional donation offers and will only accept material that relates directly to our mission. Interested donors MUST complete and submit the form below to initiate the review process. After receipt of this form, collection’s staff will contact you to discuss your donation if there is an interest in receiving the items being offered. We are unable to accept drop-off donations and all donations must be submitted through this web form.
Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and click “Submit Request.” Please note, maximum file size for photo uploads is 7 MB. If you experience problems submitting the form or have general questions about the donation process, please send an email to research@borail.org.

Photograph(s) (Optional: Images can significantly speed up the evaluation process)

I affirm legal ownership and/or title (or assigned rights) to the property described in the donation offer.
I have read, understood, and agree to the Rules and Procedures.


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