Give a gift in honor or memory of friends and family, especially when donations are requested in lieu of gifts.

The B&O Railroad Museum Tribute Program gives you the opportunity to honor a loved one, friend, or business associate on occasions of sympathy or happiness, either as a memorial gift or as a birthday anniversary or congratulatory present. It can also be given as an expression of appreciation to a caregiver. Supporting the B&O Railroad Museum connects the past with the future and is an especially meaningful way to celebrate special occasions and remember loved ones.

There are 3 steps involved in sending a Tribute Certificate:

  • 1) Donate online by first submitting the amount of your gift and then on the second page selecting the tribute type and entering the name and information of who you are honoring and whom you would like us to notify of your gift. Or you can print and mail in the Tribute Order Form.
  • 2) Upon receipt of your gift and instructions, your order will be processed by our Development staff. If we have any questions, we will contact you directly.
  • 3) Once the transaction is complete, we will mail the tribute certificate to the recipient, as well as sending the person donating an acknowledgement with tax information.

If you plan to ask friends and family to make a donation to The B&O Railroad Museum in lieu of flowers or gifts, please let us know. This will allow us to better notify you of donations made in honor of your special occasion or in memory of your loved one.

To Discuss Giving options

Contact the Development Office at 443-627-2391 or email

Geoffrey Morrison

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