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Object and Archival Donation Proposal and Procedure

Consider donating your B&O related small object to the museum for all to enjoyThe B&O Railroad Museum welcomes donation offers to its collection and archives. The B&O Railroad Museum only accepts material that relates directly to its mission.
If you would like to propose a donation to the museum, please complete our online form.

The B&O Railroad Museum receives many requests for donations and cannot accept all items offered. Reasons for not accepting a donation include relevance to mission, duplication of existing items in collection, physical space constraints, provenance, condition, or any restrictions placed on the items by the donor. We will not accept donations that are dropped off prior to written acceptance of an offer. Once a donation is accepted, the museum will prepare legal documents needed to complete the donation as well as to serve as a receipt of your tax-deductible contribution. Except for extremely rare instances, the museum will only accept unrestricted donations.
Financial donations of cash, securities, wills and estate planning are also accepted, please click here for more information on how to do so.

Appraisals and Value

Donations to the Museum are tax deductible, to the full extent allowed by law, for both federal and state income tax purposes. A formal appraisal of a donation is the responsibility of the donor because the IRS does not permit the receiving institution to appraise donated objects and the museum staff cannot offer tax advice. It is the responsibility of donors to confer with their tax advisors regarding the tax benefits, details, and implications of donations. Once donated, items become part of the museum’s permanent collections and are treated accordingly.

Submit a Donation Proposal 

To submit an offer of materials or objects for consideration and potential addition to our collections, please fill out and submit our online form.

Who to Contact

For questions concerning donations and the donation process, email Research@borail.org or dial our Research & Donation Line at (443)-627-2375 ext. 216.


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