Join us for our first Homeschool Day of the school year!

Throughout the day, we’re offering highly engaging educational programming focused on history — just for homeschool students! Student activities include story time, tours, and workshops. 

Kids will be able to bring a bagged lunch and enjoy it outside under our pavilion or at our picnic tables around campus.

Pre-registration required. FREE for Maryland Students. $17 for Non-Maryland Students. $10 per adult. 

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Schedule of Student Activities

Your Homeschool Day ticket includes full Museum admission and your choice of two (2) student activities!

TimeActivity TypeActivity TitleActivity DescriptionRecommended Grades
10:30 to 11AMTour  The B&O Goes Bananas: The Journey from Trees to Your Table On this tour, we will uncover the story behind the first time that trains were used in warfare – the American Civil War. We will explore not only the connection that many pieces in our collection have to the American Civil War, but also the importance that the B&O Railroad itself had to the outcome of the war.PreK – Grade 2
10:30 to 11:15AM Workshop What’s In That Train Car?In this workshop, students will examine model train cars to learn what types of goods they would carry. They will then design their own freight train by cutting and pasting objects inside various paper freight car worksheets.PreK – Grade 2
1 PMStorytime Railroad Engineer Olive Dennis by Kaye BaillieIn this Railroad Storytime session, we will read the story about Olive Dennis and then design our own B&O Chine pattern just like Olive did!PreK – Grade 5
1 to 1:30PMTourIron War Horses: The B&O’s Contribution During Global ConflictOn this tour, we will explore the B&O’s involvement in Conflicts both at home and abroad like the Civil War, World War I and World War II. From locomotives to troop sleeper cars and even the Merci Train, we will see on this tour how integral the railroad has been in the war effort and recovery.Grades 3+
2 to 2:30PMTour From Slavery to Civil Rights: The African American Railroading LegacyDuring this tour, we will explore the legacy of African Americans on the railroad. From the building of the railroad to the fight for Civil Rights, we will use our historic collection of objects and rail cars to explore the past 200 years of history.Grades 4+
2:30 to
3 PM
WorkshopPrimary Source DetectiveIn this workshop, students will use primacy sources related to the railroad experience of African Americans to build a timeline of the African American Railroad Legacy.Grades 4+

Mile One Express Train Ride

Train rides on the Mile One Express may be purchased on-site for an additional cost. Train Ride departs from Platform 2 at 11:30 AM on November 2.

Lesson Plans

Check out our Pre-Visit and Post-Visit Lessons to accompany your student activities of choice.

Upcoming Events at the B&O


Monthly Tours

Go inside the the B&O No. C-1775 Wooden Bobber Caboose!

July 10, 13 & 14

Tour the B&O No. 7701 “Dreamland Sleeper”

August 14, 17 & 18

June 21

6:30-9:30 PM

Sensory Inclusive Summer Camp

Week 1: June 24-28

The Battle at Monocacy Junction: How the Railroad Saved Washington

June 29 | Lecture @ 1:45 PM

June 30 & July 28

12-1 PM

July 4

10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

July 13

5 PM – 8 PM


Geoffrey Morrison

The B&O Railroad Museum is easily one of the best railroad museums in the country, if not the world.

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