Our volunteers are essential to the Museum’s operations.

Volunteers assist in every department of the Museum and we regularly recruit volunteers for a wide variety of assignments, ranging from the Archives to Train Conductors. Most volunteers commit to one shift per week. While we encourage and prefer a weekly commitment, the minimum requirement to volunteer for most roles is one 6-hour shift per month for a year. Some positions may require a greater time commitment due to the training involved. If you’d like to know more, please email the Volunteer Manager. If you think you’re ready to apply, please see our current recruitment window and volunteer openings. 

If you’re interested in volunteering but are unable to commit long-term, check out our Special Events Volunteering for one-time opportunities. 

More Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteers

Please see here for access to Volunteer portal.


Contact our Volunteer Manager at SHughes@BORail.org

Anaheim, CA

The roundhouse was my favorite part, because it gives a true feel for what goes on in a roundhouse—the cars are stationary, but seeing the actual tracks is eye-opening.

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