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Sensory Inclusive Summer Camp at the B&O is back!

From STEM workshops to relaxed tours, art projects, behind-the-scenes explorations, and gentle train rides, the week is filled with activities that adapt to every child’s unique learning style and sensory needs!

At the heart of our Summer Camp at the B&O is a commitment to inclusivity, support, and safety. Designed specifically for children with developmental disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and related challenges, our camp is run by a caring team of experienced counselors and 1:1 aides.

Secure a spot now, and let your child experience a week of delightful memories and exploration!

Camp Schedule

Week 1June 24-28Ages 7-10Join the Waitlist
for Week 1
Week 2July 8-12Ages 11-14Register for Week 2
Week 3July 22-26Ages 7-10Register for Week 3
Week 4August 5-9Ages 11-14Register for Week 4


Drop-off8:45 AM
Camp Hours9 AM-3 PM
Aftercare available*3-4 PM

Camp Admission

$50 registration fee

Registration fee is non-refundable. Contact with questions or for information about financial assistance. Please read the Camp Behavior Policy prior to registering for summer camp.

*Please indicate that you would like your camper to stay until 4 pm in the camper information form after provided during registration.

Summer Camp Information

  • Camp Behavior Policy – Details about the Museum’s policy and expectations for behavior during camp. Please read prior to registering for summer camp.
  • Summer Camp FAQs – Answers to common questions relating to medication, staff experience, and inclusion strategies. 
  • Camper Daily Take-Home Sheet – Each camper will be sent home with this take-home sheet each day detailing the activities they participated in. Our hope is that this helps the parents/guardians of our non-speaking campers stay informed.

Preparation Resources for Campers

  • Visual Schedule – A picture-based walkthrough of the camp schedule. This schedule will be used each day for all age groups. Fridays will have a different schedule; counselors will inform campers ahead of time of changes. 
  • Social Narrative for Young Children – A detailed walkthrough of summer camp at the B&O! Written in first person point of view for easy reading.
  • Social Narrative for Teens – A detailed walkthrough of summer camp at the B&O! Written in second person point of view for more advanced readers.

Upcoming Events at the B&O


Monthly Tours

B&O Unlocked: Behind-the-Scenes Access Inside the Collection

March 13, 16 & 17: SEH No. 4 “St. Elizabeth”

Black History Month Free Film Screening

Hidden Figures – February 23

B&O’s 197th Birthday Party

February 25 @ 11 AM

Games with Trains

Saturday, March 2 @ 10 AM – 7 PM

Easter Weekend at the B&O

March 29-31

Sensory Inclusive Summer Camp

Week 1: June 24-28


Knoxville, TN

We did the train ride and our guide on board was excellent (history/information for the parents).

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