Location: Roundhouse, Bays 2-4 

From the original horsepower of horse-drawn carriages to steam-powered “grasshoppers,” “tea kettles,” and more, this section of the Roundhouse celebrates the earliest forms of railway transportation along America’s first commercial railway, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. These 100-year-old historic replicas housed in this collection were designed for the Fair of the Iron Horse in 1927, which celebrated the first centennial of railroading in the U.S. with the B&O Railroad and showcased the evolution of the earliest forms of transportation like wagons, coach cars, and locomotives. The section concludes with the B&O No. 13 Lafayette, which marked the transition from vertical boilers to the more efficient and conventional horizontal boiler that would become the standard design. 

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Patrese T.
June 2021

I love that the museum is what remains of the old train yard and the number and variety of train cars is remarkable.

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