Location: Outdoor Platform 3 

During World War II the railroads became a critical tool with which the U.S. military mobilized troops and supplies, while still being responsible for providing domestic passenger transport. The shortage of space on regular sleeper cars led to the military redesign of the traditional sleeper cars  into a compact troop transport car that could house up to 30 soldiers at a time, which many soldiers said were near impossible to sleep in. Step into one such “sleeper”, the WAA/PULL No. 7437, which was originally built in May 1944 and has since been reformatted and restored twice to reflect its original purpose for transporting soldiers. The car also contains documentation of the men and women who were tasked with maintaining the railways and locomotives that carried soldiers to battle. 

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Janet F.
Morgantown, WV

As you moved through the roundhouse it felt like you were following a cohesive storyline through the early history of the railroad.

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